Quick Delivery

At eShopRobot we have built the tools that allow us to design websites very quickly. This enables us to deliver you a ready-to-use online shop in a few hours if we have from you:

1. File with your products

The supported file types are: xls, xlsx, csv, xml, json. The file does not need to have a specific structure. The file must contain the following information for each product (required fields marked with *):

  • Unique product ID *
  • Product name *
  • Category *
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Current selling price *
  • Original selling price (if you want to show a discount on the product)
  • VAT rate *
  • Whether the prices are VAT inclusive *
  • Weight (for shipping calculation according to weight)
  • SKU (your own inventory numbering, if you keep one)
  • Status (available, upon request, sold out, etc.)
  • Link (URL) for the main photo *
  • Additional links to other photos if available
  • Available variants (colors, sizes, etc) if you do not treat them as separate products
  • Technical characteristics or other information
  • Summary
  • Detailed description

If you want your site to support multiple languages, you must include the translations for the following fields:

  • Product name
  • Summary
  • Detailed description

2. File with texts for additional pages

You will need to send us a file with the texts of the additional pages you want, such as the terms of use, the privacy policy, other policies you follow, frequently asked questions, contact page information, etc.

Please include translations of those texts if you want to have a site that supports multiple languages.

3. PayPal & Viva Wallet Accounts

At the moment the following electronic payment providers are supported on our platform:

  • PayPal: You need to have a PayPal Business account to accept payments. Customers trust PayPal because they do not need to provide their credit card details each time thay make a purchase and in addition it offers them guarantees in case the products are not delivered.
  • Viva Wallet: to accept payments with simple charge of the customer's credit / debit card

More electronic payment providers will be available soon.

To accept electronic payments, you must first create an account with at least one of the above services. Next we need to enter some keys in the administrator console to make these payment methods available to your customers. You will find these keys in the management environments of these services.

If you do not create an account with the electronic payment providers, you will still be able to make sales using offline payment methods like cash on delivery, bank deposit and pick up from store. You may add electronic payments later, whenever you wish.

If you have difficulty creating accounts with these services, we can help you at no extra cost.

4. Shipping calculation instructions

We need information about the collaborations you have with the couriers in order to register them in the administrator console and calculate the shipping costs in your customers' shopping carts. You can have a fixed charge depending on the region or variable charge depending on the weight.

Feel free to contact us if you need additional information or clarifications.