What platform do you use to build websites?

We use exclusively the website builder platform eShopRobot, which is a cloud software that has been developed entirely by our company. This means that your online store can be available in a minimum of time, even within a day, ready to start adding your products, as there are no time-consuming and complicated installation and configuration procedures.

Is there a recurring cost for maintaining the site?

Yes, you are periodically charged for the management capabilities provided by the platform as well as for the maintenance of your website. This includes hosting, automatic upgrades that are frequently made, resolving any technical issues, and the domain name, as long as we manage it. We charge no commission on sales made through your online store.

Can I move my website to another provider or server?

No, this is not technically feasible as web pages are part of the cloud, stored in a database as information and there are no files to export. In addition, eShopRobot is a closed source platform and is not distributed in any way so that it can be installed on other servers. However, you can request that your data be exported to a known file format (xlsx, json, etc)

How can my customers pay?

You can choose the available payment methods that will appear when your customers complete an order in your online store:

  • electronic online payments with credit or debit card
  • cash on delivery upon receipt of their order at their place
  • in your stores upon receipt of their order
  • by deposit in one of your bank accounts

The management environment allows you to manually record non-electronic payments, so you have a complete picture of your customers' revenue and outstanding balances.

How can I accept electronic payments?

You will need to create an account with the supported electronic payment providers (PayPal Business, Viva Wallet) and follow their instructions. We will then ask you to enter some keys in the management environment and you will be ready to accept electronic payments.

What languages does the platform support?

At the moment, English and Greek are fully supported. German and Russian are partially supported. Additional languages may be available on request. However, you can enter your texts in any language you want and set English as the main language, so that English is displayed when there is no translation available in the texts of the platform.

Can I change the content of my website without your intervention?

Of course! The website editor and admin interface allow you to easily make whatever changes you want. If you wish you can even design the whole site yourself. Start a free trial at eShopRobot!