Our own platform

At NorthWeb Ltd we want to provide quick and reliable solutions without complicated procedures. That's why we built our own online platform for designing and managing websites and online stores. Within a short time we prepare your website and deliver it to you.

Quick delivery

We design your website on our platform. This saves us from complicated and time-consuming installation and configuration processes. Then you can make changes to the content of your website yourself.

Minimalistic design

Our goal is to provide quick and functional solutions to the online needs of small businesses. For this reason, we create websites that are simple and easy to use, without complex and sophisticated graphics and themes.

Optimized for mobile

The browsing experience is automatically adjusted according to the size of the screen, thus creating the appropriate layout on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. Optimization for mobile devices also contributes to the higher ranking of your website in search engines (google).

Accept online payments

Your customers can pay online with their credit / debit card via PayPal and Viva Wallet. We provide full support for the procedures required to connect with these providers so that you can start receiving electronic payments as soon as possible.

Easy management

Add products and categorize them, manage sales and payments, issue receipts and invoices, record expenses, track inventory, view and create reports and charts, and more, all through one easy management.

Support for multiple languages

Promote your products in multiple languages to attract more visitors and customers. You can have a separate domain for each language or one domain for all. Untranslated texts will be displayed in your primary language, so that no page is left empty.